Monday, November 28, 2011

Dawning of a new day

Starting my New Year Resolutions early.

I had a very rough year. The 2010-2011 period was not good to me.  Everything took an amazing turn upward when we got word that we would be PCS-ing and moving HOME! With this move we would be losing all our misfortunes and unhappiness.   (I wont go into detail for fear of regressing into bad memories)

We left the dreaded state of LA on a hot an humid afternoon in late June.  Drove straight to MI and were greeted home by a horrible hail/tornado, monsoon rain storm.  I took this as a sign that God was washing away all our misfortunes and sadness. And was I ever right...
We immediately got our a dream town home.
The Mr. loved his new job.
I landed my first big time management job.  
We got new everything (this was a big deal our old stuff was wrecked from a very bad house "guest")
We got/get to see family anytime we want and reconnected with old friends.


Even with all these blessings anytime anything went wrong,
any time I found my self being tested I gave in to self pity. 

I finally woke up one morning and had enough.
It was time to get back to the old me.I have been given a new start.

I have been working on my attitude for a while now.  Building my confidence back up and now its time to work on the physical...All the stress of the last year has left me a little pudgy...
A LOT pudgy...
All my life I have been 105-110, minus a stint with painful braces that left me below 100Lbs.
Currently I'm sitting at 131!
I cant even wrap my head around that! I didn't even realize this until recently when I saw pictures we took a few weeks ago.  It was awful, its time for a drastic change.

I found this stellar little work out plan on Pintrest.  It starts lower then a beginner and builds you up.  Its perfect for me. 

The first set is a little easy, but I'm starting there anyway to make sure I do it all correctly and build my stamina up properly.

Started day 1 today.  Here is to the next 19 days.

In addition to the new workout, I am cutting out all unhealthy food and needless snacking.  The loss of my candy and cookies I fear will be the hardest part.

If you have had a similar weight loss issue I'd love to hear about it